Wear the Adventure – Earth day special.

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I love a good adventure. I most definitely have not had enough of them and I often scroll through Instagram wishing I was on top of that mountain, in that lake or at that beach like the people in the pictures. Few things inspire me to actually get out and do something, which is something I want to change. In myself, and in you. There are brands that are trying to do the exact same thing. They want to inspire, encourage and pull you into the world we live in. I love the impact that brands can have and so I want to share with you some brands whose put out positivity, promote adventure and exploration and want to look after the world we live in. In honour of Earth Day, I want to share brands that care for the earth and want you to appreciate it like they do.


I found Fayettechill while looking through various wildlife and adventure accounts on Instagram. This brand, based in Fayetteville, Arkansas, are all about the outdoor lifestyle. They produce clothing that not only looks cool but is functional too. The thing I love about Fayettechill is the way they promote outdoor living. They want you to experience the world and get more from it. And the more I look at their Instagram, the more I want to get out there in the wild. Oh and I am definitely jealous that I don’t have a headquarters in the mountains like they do.


I stumbled across Sørensen through a surf blog that I follow and immediately wanted one of their watches. The company has a simple product range. Right now they sell watches and Duffle bags that can turn into a backpack. I love the look of their products, which seamlessly manage to be stylish yet ready for adventure. Can’t wait to get my hands on something from these guys.


Another clothing brand that encourages adventure, Naturebacks is a small brand that I really hope keeps bringing more to the table. With every order you get GPS coordinates to a location that they think you just HAVE to visit, which is an original and awesome feature. Not much else can be said about these guys except “keep it coming”.


Probably the most well-known on the list, Patagonia not only encourages an active and adventurous lifestyle, but also do their part to help the world we share. They realise that as a business they are able to bring about real change and make a positive impact on the planet. Couple that with beautiful and functional clothing that facilitates exploration and adventure and you have a pretty awesome brand if you ask me.

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Hailing from Finland, this brand aim to combat conventional fashion by looking after nature and people. Using ethical and eco-friendly materials, VAI-KØ create awesome clothing and accessories, my personal favourite being the simple Kiva 2.0 Beanie.

Tribe & True

I only recently discovered this company but honestly, WHY DIDN’T I FIND THEM SOONER! I love the Native American patterns on the blankets and I would buy them all. No outdoor adventure is complete without sitting with a blanket, soaking in the beauty of the landscape and I know that these are the blankets I want to be wrapped in when I experience a sunset on top of a mountain.

Thanks for reading and I hope that you enjoy the things I post about. If there is a brand you think is missing from this list or that I might not know about, let me know in the comments. I always love to discover new things. Let me know who your favourites are or what you’d like a list of next. Enjoy Earth Day and love the planet!

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