I took a wrong turn…

I scroll through Tumblr to absorb time and occupy my thumbs, and often it doesn’t connect with me on any level other than ” oh nice picture, I’ll reblog that”. But if you look in the right places it actually contains some beautiful art and poetry. Why am I telling you this? No, I’m not being paid to poorly promote Tumblr, although if anyone wants to hire me for that exact reason, I would do a really good? Bad? I’d do a good bad job of it. Anyway, I recently saw a picture with a caption that read as follows:

A wrong turn lead me to a field of flowers and suddenly I’m second guessing every wrong turn in my life. Every wrong turn has lead me to where I am currently, and I am happy as hell, so were they really wrong turns?

Now, whether that hit you like a freight train and you are a changed person, or whether you think it’s fairly average and not poetic at all, it most definitely reflects a time in your life, or it will soon. Everyone makes mistakes, everyone struggles and sometimes it doesn’t seem worth it. Everyone makes choices and sometimes they seem wrong. Whether it was to do with your career, education, your family and personal life or something else, you have been there and I know you are thinking of that time right now. You might still be in that time of your life, who knows. If you can’t think of a time, let me know how you managed to lead a perfect life so far.

I recently completed my qualifications and I am on my way to university in September. Life isn’t perfect but it sure as hell is getting better. I am becoming happier and growing constantly. And that’s why I think that the caption above really resonated with me. The choices I made and the things that have happened to me in the past may have made it seem like life wasn’t meant to be good for me, but they all brought me here didn’t they? Would I have been better or worse off if those things hadn’t happened to me? Who knows? What I do know though, is that I am happy and I am learning and growing and moving forward. I have made my turns and they have lead me to a field of flowers.

As you read this, maybe it’s time to reconsider the “mistakes” of your past and view them as something else. Not as wrong turns, but as turns that brought you to where you are. And for you readers who are thinking “My choices led me right here, and I am not happy.” I think that you should hold on to the belief that you’ll one day turn into a field of flowers and you’ll realise that those same choices lead you there, and you made it through.

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