10 Female Artists Your Ears Need

This week I created a playlist to show you some great female artists you have to hear. Some of the songs aren’t brand new and you may or may not have heard of some of the artists but, in my opinion, these artists and bands deserve a boost in their industries and genres. I think that they do great music and are definitely ones to watch out for. If you want to find out why I made this playlist, CLICK HERE. lets get started!


Song – Touch // Album – Nothing’s Real


From Manchester UK, Shura brings together chirpy electronic sounds and relatable lyrics in “Touch” from her brand new album “Nothing’s real”. This song is easy to listen to and fits with a variety of moods, making it a great choice when making your next playlist.

Listen : Spotify // Soundcloud

Robyn Sherwell

Song – Islander // Album – Robyn Sherwell


If you recognise Robyn Sherwell’s name or voice, it’s most likely from the trailer for  the movie “Suffragette”. With melancholy lyrics and beautifully simple music, Sherwell definitely earns her place on this playlist. How could I not include her song “Islander”.

Listen : Spotify // Soundcloud

Milk & Bone

Song – Pressure // Album – Little Mourning


Hailing from Canada, the duo Laurence Lafond-Beaulne and Camille Poliquin bring us chilled electropop in the form of Milk & Bone. relaxing but interesting enough to keep you listening, Their song “pressure” is the kind of song that grows on you the more you hear it. I’m also in love with their harmonies too.

Listen : Spotify // Soundcloud


Song – Waiting Game // Album – Goddess


Probably the most popular of the artists on this playlist, I have included Banks because a fair few people I know haven’t heard of her, and they really need to. “Waiting Game” has a great build up and the instrumentals backing up her vocals create a piece of music with an impact and presence that is reflected through the rest of the album.

Listen : Spotify // Soundcloud


Song – Winterbreak // Album – Winterbreak


Describing themselves as a Dark Pop girl band, MUNA have created and produced all their music from their bedrooms. I recently discovered “Winterbreak” and there is something about their music that makes me want more but I can’t put my finger on it. Perhaps it’s the vocals that have just the right amount of auto-tune, sounding like its added for effect, not because the talent isn’t there. I most definitely want more.

Listen : Spotify // Soundcloud

Astrid S

Song – Hurts So Good// Album – Astrid S


You might know her from Matoma’s Tropical house track ” Running out”, but Astrid definitely will be leaving her mark as a great solo artist. Part of the increasing pool of talent coming from Norway and other Nordic countries, Astrid will continue to make waves.

Listen : Spotify // Soundcloud

New Portals/ The Jepettos

Song – Stay Here Tonight // Album – VCR & Chill


Ok so this one is sneaking two bands into one. New Portals worked with The Jepettos to create VCR & Chill and the result is some pretty damn beautiful versions of New Portals songs, including “Stay Here Tonight”. The Jepettos twist on the songs are a big contrast compared to the New Portals originals but it just works.

Listen : Spotify // Soundcloud

The Japanese House

Song – Cool Blue // Album – Cool Blue


One of my favourite artists, I cannot get enough of The Japanese House. The tracks are original and easy to listen to but they have meaningful and thought out lyrics. Definitely not your generic top 40, I still think that Amber Bain deserves the attention of everyone. Check out the post I did about both her EP’s.

Listen : Spotify // Soundcloud

Fenne Lily

Song – Top to Toe // Album – Top to Toe


A beautifully calm singing voice and simple guitar, Fenne Lily is sure to be popular in the folk/acoustic scene. Having only been able to find the one track, I’m left desperately wanting more. Keep your eyes and ears alert for more, I know I will be.

Listen : Spotify // Soundcloud

Made In Heights

Song – Pirouette // Album – Without My Enemy What Would I Do


Light electronic sounds and great drum tracks from Sabzi compliment the vocals of Kelsey Bulkin to create Made in Heights.Catchy and melodic electronic tracks make them worth the listen.

Listen : Spotify // Soundcloud 

So that concludes the playlist of female talent. comment below or message me if you think there is someone missing! You can listen to the whole playlist HERE on Spotify. If you guys suggest enough tracks, I may make the playlist collaborative so we can all make an awesome playlist full of female artists and musicians.

If you have any other ideas for playlists, contact me and let me know!


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