Wicked Bears: Self-Titled EP

Wicked Bears started in Salt Lake City in September of 2015, when Casey Keele (bass/vocals) saw that he and Nick Fleming (guitar) were listening to Masked Intruder on Spotify. After talking about it, they decided to start a band that was similar, and recruited Ken Vallejos on the drums. Thus, Wicked Bears was born.

wicked bears EP coverAnchor Music News said Wicked Bears’ new EP sounds like something “straight out of Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater”. And I can’t help but agree. Instant nostalgia hits me and takes me back to my early teens when I play the self-titled EP. Back when the only genres I could differentiate between was pretty much pop, rock, country, rap and classical. I’m not entirely sure if they would like to be compared but hearing them gives me flashbacks to listening to blink-182 on my CD player. They are clearly draw influences from 90’s pop punk. The whole EP just feels to me like a revolution. Wicked Bears are joining the fight to bring back music that isn’t about being manufactured and clean. Every song on the EP makes me picture the guys rocking in an open suburban garage, but performing like they have a packed venue.

When I was given the EP to listen to I honestly didn’t think I could fully enjoy it because I thought my days of listening to “rough around the edges” pop punk were behind me. I was wrong and I’ve listened to the whole track list multiple times. I definitely have my favourites (Do You Remember? and The Weekend) but all the tracks hold their own. In short, this is a fantastic EP and I wish every success to Wicked Bears. I look forward to hearing more and I hope it happens soon.

The new EP has been released by Hidden Home Records on April 30th and can be bought on CD HERE and on cassette HERE. You can also check out the EP on bandcamp HERE

For any enquiries or recommendations, email me at dontstayinside@gmail.com and I’ll get back to you.


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