Empire Kings: Self-Titled Album

“This band could have you singing along in no time…”

-Rio Connelly, Salt Lake Underground Magazine

London based indie rock band Empire Kings definitely leave their mark. The band consists of Colin Rivera on vocals, Josh Gishi on bass and backing vocals, Jimi Scandal on lead guitar and Paul Mortimore on drums. They have dominated the London music scene and beyond, even playing V-festival in 2015. What stands out to me is their dedication to creating real, raw music.

Photo Credit: John Hughes. Instagram: @boscoppa

Listening to their self-titled album I get a sense that I’ve heard their music before. It sounds familiar but that doesn’t mean it sounds like an imitation. On the contrary, their originality is what keeps me listening. I am not always a great fan of indie rock, it takes something special in this genre to make me really want to listen. I don’t dislike indie rock, it just often doesn’t quite capture me. This is where Empire Kings break the mould. With a sound like they’re recording in a big hall, their catchy riffs and hooks, they kept me listening the whole way through and I already had favourites after the first listen. They clearly cater for more than just the genre they somehow neatly fall into but push the boundaries of.

Photo Credit: John Hughes. Instagram: @boscoppa


The third track on the album, called Secrets, firmly planted itself as a favourite and I instantly added it to some of my playlists. The balance between the bluesy verses and the sudden bursts of rock makes this track stand out to me. Other tracks such as Rain and Say It Like You Mean It also make their way onto my list of favourites, but I feel like the list will keep growing as the band does.

A mature and solid approach to their music puts Empire Kings on a path that can only bring good things. The overall vibe of the album is real and raw but still easy to listen to. To check out the album and find out more, visit the Empire Kings website or check them out on Spotify.

Photo Credit: John Hughes. Instagram: @boscoppa

For any enquiries or recommendations, email me at dontstayinside@gmail.com and I’ll get back to you.


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