These songs belong in movies: the pensive journey scene

I listen to music all the time and one of my favourite things to do is find songs that sound like they belong in movies or videos. I often match songs to a specific scene in my mind, so that’s what I want to share with you. I have combined my love of sharing music with my habit of matching music and video to give you scene specific songs. Today I want to do songs that you would hear at slow moments of the film. These scenes can be romantic, sad, happy, any emotion really, but they just are calm and slow scenes. My favourite to picture is a journey on a train or in a car with beautiful landscapes and that calming music. So here we go, I hope you enjoy.

Bon Iver – Perth

This song just calms me. This is one of the ones I can’t help but picture someone sitting on a train, lost in their thoughts, as it covers miles of stunning scenery. Even the drum beat would fit so well with a moving train. Bon Iver managed to paint a similar picture with a lot of his songs but this is one of my favourites. Whether it was used as an instrumental or vocals were included, this would make a fantastic addition to a movie soundtrack.

Clem Leak – You’re So Very Far Away

This track relaxes me so much and I feel like it would fit a scene with any mood, just as long as it’s calm. Imagine someone walking at early dawn, low lighting and a slow pace. They’re strolling through a quiet and peaceful place, whether it be some woods, or an empty city street. I can just see this scene so clearly in my head thanks to this song.

Rogue Wave – California

There is a definite beach vibe to this one. I can’t decide what is going on in the scene but I can most definitely see rolling waves and a sandy beach. Regardless, this track just places itself firmly on the list.

The xx – Angels

One of the more romantic ones, this song is so beautiful and calming. Probably fitting for a romantic scene of some kind, even though it has a sad tone to it. This is another where I think the song would work well with or without the lyrics, although they are lovely.

James Vincent McMorrow – Cavalier

I’m really not sure what to picture for this song but I know I can hear it being in a film. The way it builds but still manages to stay calm is so good. And how does he get his voice that high?

Chet Faker – No Diggity

Skate video. Enough said. For real though, this song has a beat but it somehow manages to be so chill. We all heard our fair share of No Diggity covers in 2012 thanks to Pitch Perfect, but this is by far the best one.

Kodaline – All I Want

Another romantic one here. This song has “post-break up scene” written all over it. The lyrics, the tune, everything.

Ben Howard – Depth Over Distance

This song starts off slow and simple which in itself fits in with a scene, but the emotion really kicks in near the end. Give it a listen all the way through.

Phosphorescent – The Waves at Night

I see this working for driving a car at dusk. It is just swamped in a slow sunset feeling. it wouldn’t fail to bring a really peaceful feeling to the scene and just bring it all together.

If you think I missed out any tracks or you have any additional suggestions let me know in the comments below. What kind if scene would you like me to create a playlist to next? Make sure to tell me what you’d like to see and hear. To get access to the playlist on Spotify CLICK HERE


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